Defining the Objectives

Program Management is much like being Captain of a Ship commissioned to complete a specific voyage. The ultimate destination (just like an expected program result) is determined prior to departure, but the paths and decisions one chooses to make, along the journey, is often what determines the difference between success and failure. Read more

Selecting the Right Crew

SOS frequently works with resource limited companies to contribute to their Engineering/Technical capacities. Read more

Optimizing the Potential

Outsourcing can often be compared to "Treasure Hunting". The "BOUNTY" (Financial Benefit), at the end of the journey, should (must) significantly outweigh the investment made regarding the venture itself. Read more

An Environmentally Conscious Division of S.O.S.

A complimentary suite of the most recent technologies in cleaning procedures & processes have been incorporated for achieving the optimal level of expectations in deliverables regarding the required refurbishment & handling of components and assemblies to meet our Customer's needs.
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