About us

SOS is a “SOLUTIONS PROVIDER”. We specialize in Executive Level Program Management in regards to Outsourcing, Manufacturing and Developing process equipment, products and test fixturing for many Hi-Tech Industries.

SOS Business Objectives:

  • Customer Satisfaction is only achieved by Meeting or Exceeding the Customer’s “Expectations”
  • Provide Solutions to our Customers by “Doing” not “Advising on How To…”
  • Stay current with the Global Status on Hi-Tech Development Issues for Achieving Technology Advancements.

SOS Business Model:

  • SOS will offer a High Level of Technical Expertise and Experience to our Customers that efficiently compliment their Expertise and Business Objectives.
  • Allow our Customers to focus on their Intellectual Property and Sales Efforts while SOS supplements and contributes to these through Outsourcing Expertise & Expectation Management.
  • Our Customers purchase only “What they need, when they need it”. SOS is Paid through Performance.

SOS Business Plan:

  • SOS will utilize its Unique Phase Development Program Plan to Define and Manage all Programs from Start-to-Finish.
  • SOS will Secure and Manage resources and outsourcing solutions on an “AS NEEDED” basis for our Customers to minimize expenses.
  • SOS works as a Partner with our Customers. We are 100% dedicated to protecting our Customer’s IP while always acting/reporting information timely and accurately.