Environmentally Conscious Cleaning

  • SOS & C3 have designed and now manufacture, a C02 Ice Blasting System that meets the stringent requirements of the Hi-Tech Industries The MicroClean™ cleaning systems were developed in partnership with ICETECH, a company from Denmark, that holds the patents for industrial grade CO2 cleaning products and the largest market share in Europe for these type of systems. These systems not only use the patended processes developed by ICETECH, but also meet the stringent Hi-Tech requirements for:
    • Safety
    • Cleanliness
    • Specialized Capabilities.
  • Stay tuned for articles, application videos and press releases with regards to this new environmentally conscious cleaning system that will revolutionize the way “PARTS CLEANING” has been viewed in the past. Advantages include:
    • Non abrasive, zero damage
    • No Water
    • No acids
    • No IPA
    • No toxic vapors
    • No residue
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