Optimizing the Potential

Outsourcing can often be compared to "Treasure Hunting". The "BOUNTY" (Financial Benefit), at the end of the journey, should (must) significantly outweigh the investment made regarding the venture itself.
  • SOS has developed an optimized "Phase-by-Phase" methodology for Outsourcing Programs and Transitioning Products that includes:
    • Detailing "Scope of Work" and "Deliverables" up front.
    • Submitting weekly status/progress reports to ensure advancements are being made.
    • Provide Return on Investment evaluations on regular intervals (as needed/requested)
    • Generates commercial actual vs. expected expense reports for regular review and approval.
  • SOS has partnered with international relationships for transitioning modules, sub-assemblies, and entire equipment builds/validations into global "low cost regions".
  • SOS has also secured domestic supply chain partners that can provide significant benefits in regards to "Concept-to -Prototype" and "Prototype- to - Pre-production" programs
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