Defining the Objectives

Program Management is much like being Captain of a Ship commissioned to complete a specific voyage. The ultimate destination (just like an expected program result) is determined prior to departure, but the paths and decisions one chooses to make, along the journey, is often what determines the difference between success and failure.
  • SOS believes that preparation and organization are, by far, the most critical elements to any successful undertaking. That’s why we have developed an expedient & methodical Phase-by-Phase Program Strategy, which is customized for every excursion (contract), that determines the “expectations” and “deliverables” along the way.
  • SOS specializes in Executive Execution Management (Corporate Level Program Management) for fabricated/manufactured process equipment and automated test fixtures used in specific Hi-Tech Industries, including:
    • Semiconductor
    • Flat Panel Display
    • Life Sciences
    • Alternative Energy
    • Nanotechnology
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